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     They say that if you try to leave Crete without visiting Knossos, you are turned away from the airport. Knossos is not simply foundations but a three story Palace COMPLEX OF ROOMS, halls and passages dating from 2.500 B.C. and the centre of the Minoan civilization (when in most parts of the world people were still living in caves)
This is the Labyrinth where Theseus slew the Minotaur and where history and legend go hand in hand.
After Knossos, we visit Heraklion’s Archaeological Museum where all the best finds of Knossos and other sites are housed
Included in Tour is a sightseeing trip round Heraklion town


    This trip takes you through the mountains and more of Crete’s unique scenery, and stopping first at Gortys, the capital during the Roman dominion. You can view the ancient forum and theatre, and see the famous Doric low code, chiseled forever into stone and publicity displayed in Doric times. Also at Gortys is one of the best and most beautiful of ancient churches on Crete – St. Titus dating from 5-6 A.D. From here we move on to Phaestos, the second major Minoan site, situated overlooking the beautiful Messara plain. At Phaestos you can see evidence of the original complex, destroyed by fire and earthquake, and also the second, rebuilt complex.
Since we believe that too much culture is not the best way to spend a holiday the afternoon is spent on the beach of Matala, overlooked by the famous Neolithic caves.


     This excursion journeys along the north east coast and first visits the village of Krytsa whits it’s famous Byzantine frescoes church of “Panagia Kera” and the picturesque village itshelf. Afterwards we arrive to Elounda. If the name doesn’t ring a bell, think of <<who pays the ferryman>> - it was filmed here, a small but charming fishing village We take a boat trip from Elounda to the island of Spinalonga, fortified by the Venetians and used this century as a leper colony.
Having returned to Elounda we stay there long enough to swim and sunbath, or buy lunch by one of very nice taverns of the village. Afterwards we arrive to Aghios Nikolaos, and enroute you have a wonderfull view over the bay of Mirabello.
Aghios Nikolaos is possibly the most <<chic>> spot in Crete, situated on the bottomless lake <<Voulismeni>> and also famous for a TV series <<The lotus eaters>>. You can stroll around the picturesque harbour, and shops till return time.


     Your expert coach captain, will take you through the impressive scenery of the road that climps from the coast up to high Lassithi. A narrow road, with tight bends, weaving its way between the hills onwards and upwards, brings you to a vast plain as far as the eye can see with its 10.000 windmills is the plateau of Lassithi.
Here is where history and legend go hand in hand once again and therefore your guide will tell you all about it and give you a chance to visit the Dicteon cave where Zeus was born
Finally after lunch and shopping around, we take the way home through the magnificent Cretan landscape.


     If you are really looking for an unspoilt psrt of Crete, Sitia is the best place to go.
Once destroyed by the wild pirate Barbarosa, Sitia today still keeps part of its old character with the walls of the old fort still standing there, the boats by the small harbour and like everywhere in Crete with its friendly people.
From here we take you further on to Vai.
A beautiful palm tree forest that in a strange way nature has dropped by the seaside of the crystal clear waters of the Cretan sea. And of course, we will let you take an advantage of that, by giving you time to swim and sunbath on the beautiful sandy beach. Even though you will never get enough, sometimes we have to leave.

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